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ALL LIVES MATTER: My uncle, Joe Sakey, helped with FDR's second bill of rights in 1944.  I believe strongly in these rights and it is has helped to form my opinions and my political platform. You can read more here:
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Here is how I feel about many of the current issues:


Education - I believe that there should be more opportunities for more youth apprenticeship programs. Also, Cambridge has so many great companies and hi-tech opportunites that there should be more internship programs.  Companies and developers should have mandatory signed contracts with the city to develop internships for young Cambridge residents.

Jobs & Equal Pay - I support boosting the minimum wage; equal pay for all; enforcing city ordinances on city jobs and linking construction jobs for Cambridge workers to permits and project approval. I support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Housing - We have to use programs like co-housing to make living in Cambridge more affordable and respectable.

Net Zero - I support Net Zero and I encourage alternative energy for new developments. We have to consider the future and not just profits.


Planned Parenthood - I support Planned Parenthood and the right of Women everywhere to choose.

Senior Services
- The waiting list for services for our senior citizens is unacceptable; and senior facilities need our help. We must step up and take care of those who took care of us.

Human and Animal Rights - We, and our animal friends, all should have the Freedom to be who we are, and want to be, without fear.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
- Too many people trying to cross the street, or cyclists, are injured or killed on our streets. We have to make our roads safer for everyone.

- We must bring trust, integrity - and putting people's interests first - back into our Cambridge government.

Lower Taxes:
- Those on fixed incomes should pay less in taxes. 
City Workers: - The rights of those employed by the city must be protected.

City Manager: - The current city manager position should remain intact.

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